Karen Langsley Presents on LGBT Family Law Issues

News | 8.11.2016

Karen Langlsey presented at the LGBT Bar Association’s annual Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair from August 4-6 in Washington D.C. Karen, along side Kerene Moore and Angie Martell, held a roundtable discussion titled “The Next Frontier: Presumption and Parentage – Don’t Assume Anything!”

The roundtable addressed complex issues LGBT families must navigate in family law.  While Obergefell opened the door to marriage equality in 2015, it left many questions unanswered. What additional steps should LGBT clients take to protect parent-child relationships?  What alternative legal doctrines are available to LGBT parents requesting custody or parenting time?  What can practitioners do to ensure equitable distribution of property in a same-sex divorce?  

Since 2004 Karen has focused her practice on Child Welfare Law and LGBT Family Law. At Lavender Law, Karen was able to share her knowledge with lawyers and judges from all over the US (and a few from overseas).  The workshop was directed to practitioners to help them know what questions to ask and what information to elicit in this fast-evolving area of law, and to educate judges on what issues might come before the Court in cases involving LGBT litigants.