Our History & Values


Gutterman Griffiths is dedicated to helping you move through one of the most challenging and painful times in your life. You know your children’s happiness, everything you have built up, and your own peace of mind are at stake. We know that, too.

We offer all options from a collaborative approach, mediation, and if needed, the best quality representation in a court room. We have handled almost every type of family law case with our collective years of experience. We believe no other firm has the resources, reputation, or proven track record of success when it comes to assisting family law clients. Our firm handles cases that many attorneys never experience in their practices. We are known for being on the cutting edge of family law and our experience is what makes the difference to you and your life.

Suzanne Griffiths

“We’re known for our expertise, our attention to detail, our work ethic, and our creativity in finding the right approach and solution for each client.

We litigate. We collaborate. We mediate. We solve problems.”

What you really want to know is what we will do for your family.

We will build a team of the very best people to meet your needs in your family law matter. Your team will have both attorneys and paralegals with specific expertise in exactly the critical issues for your case, working on the most cost-effective basis possible.

Ann Gushurst

“Our family at Gutterman Griffiths is really here to take care of your family.”

Gutterman Griffiths was formed in May 2002 by Suzanne Griffiths and Sheila Gutterman. In a country where going into battle for a divorce was often the norm, they introduced a new concept that stressed “do no harm, consent and triage”. Gutterman believed that clients should be treated the same way as doctors treat their patients and vowed to do as little harm as possible. Gutterman became the “mother” of Collaborative Law in Colorado. The firm offered simplified dissolution, mediation, arbitration and all options for resolving disputes. Griffiths contributed her significant expertise in handling complex and challenging financial and international parenting cases. Both Gutterman and Griffiths are noted for significant teaching and writing on legal issues and both have won numerous awards. The firm has been involved in some of the most complex and high asset cases in Colorado and has also pioneered changes in the law regarding children.

Shortly after the founding of the firm, Diana Powell joined Gutterman and Griffiths, bringing decades of experience as a business law attorney to the firm. Powell always says that your divorce is the biggest business transaction of your life.

Ann Gushurst, with her creative approach to thorny and complex legal problems, joined as a shareholder in 2005. She brings incredible technical expertise and deep knowledge of Colorado case law. She was instrumental in pioneering changes in the law for same sex parents in Colorado.

In 2011, Carolyn Witkus, specializing in complex litigation issues became a shareholder. Carolyn started her career as a new lawyer with the firm in 2007.

The shareholders of Gutterman Griffiths embody the firm’s core values of both broad and deep experience and competence in every issue your divorce can generate. They have also added a superb group of associate attorneys to the firm to meet every client’s needs. We have become the firm that can handle the case that few others attorneys have the ability to take on and in the most efficient and caring manner.