The Gutterman Griffiths Difference

Gutterman Griffiths is the premier family law firm in Colorado. The difference is in the breadth and depth of our combined experience.

A Proven Track Record

The firm has a proven record of providing excellent representation to families in transition. Attorneys at the firm bring diverse and distinguished professional and educational backgrounds to the practice of family law, allowing the firm to provide each client with the skill set that best meets their particular needs. The experience that we bring to family law cases ranges from business and securities law, to executive compensation, trusts, insurance defense, real estate, medical devices, and child welfare, just to name a few.

Different Options for Different Cases

In addition, attorneys at Gutterman Griffiths are well versed in providing a broad range of legal options to its clients. From litigation, to collaboration, to negotiation and mediation, our attorneys are skilled in making sure that the client’s desired process is addressed at the highest level. The firm’s attorneys work together to ensure that each client’s needs are met. Weekly meetings by the firm’s attorneys result in highly dynamic and well informed strategies that are exceedingly difficult to beat. Each case is assigned to attorneys best suited for the challenges based on the specific facts of the case and the needs of that particular client.

The Technological Edge

Gutterman Griffiths has invested in the latest available technological resources, which are used to the advantage of our clients by keeping the firm’s workforce efficient and highly productive, giving the firm an edge in communications with clients and preparation of trial exhibits and spreadsheets, and assisting in providing clear insight into the thinking of the opposition. The net result is an attention to detail that is critical for the lead attorneys, yet cost effective.

Collective Experience is the Key

The goal of Gutterman Griffiths is to help clients who are facing the significant emotional and financial challenges of divorce to live productive and satisfying lives. To support that goal, the firm believes that operational efficiency is essential, since litigation can prove to be prohibitively expensive at times. The secret to success at Gutterman Griffiths is that the firm’s collective knowledge, experience and legal research are quickly applied to the circumstances of each case. Then a strategy is chosen and implemented, which is backed up by the attorneys, paralegals and staff. Gutterman Griffiths understands the players and experts in the marketplace. The firm’s constant interaction with local appraisers, judges, social workers, parent evaluators, investigators, process servers, private judges, mediators, forensic accountants, other law firms, and the system itself, allows for the best understanding of how the legal process is likely to progress.

Gutterman Griffiths has the team required to successfully manage the most complex cases. Whether the case requires an intricate asset investigation, or whether it involves high conflict child issues, it is our experience that makes the difference.