Divorce in Colorado – No Fault State

Often times, marriage ends in infidelity and the heartbroken and faithful partner looks for revenge and justice. Their first move is to seek a divorce attorney and file for divorce. Colorado is a no-fault divorce state. What this means is that Colorado courts will not assign fault to either party during a divorce.

Articles | 9.25.2017

2017 Women to Watch

Shareholders Kristi Anderson Wells and Carolyn Witkus were featured in Colorado Business Magazine’s 2017 Women to Watch. Read the article...

Articles | 8.16.2017

The Benefits of Positive Procrastination

Attorney, Jon Eric Stuebner, was recently featured in Family Lawyer Magazine. He discusses being organized as a lawyer and how a little downtime could be the best for you, your practice and your clients.

Articles | 7.31.2017

Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for Your Situation?

There’s a lot of information - some of it misleading - all over the internet about traditional divorce.  But there’s not that a lot of good information out there about collaborative divorce in Colorado.  In fact, most family law attorneys don’t know much if anything about it, even though it is a growing, world-wide movement.

Articles | 7.17.2017

BLOG: Solution Oriented Divorce

Associate Attorney, Danielle Contos, discusses the strategy behind a solution oriented divorce and what it could mean for a client’s goals....

Articles | 6.28.2017