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Who We Are

The break-up of families in our country has been called the greatest crisis in modern America.  Each day in Colorado, 56 couples choose to end their marriages in divorce. Adding to the pain of the break-up is the antagonism of the legal clash that follows.

Gutterman Griffiths offers a wider range of options to its clients going through all family transitions from tenacious representation in litigation to mediation to collaborative law.  Our firm handles divorce; parenting responsibilities and rights (custody); grandparent's rights; the break-up of non-traditional marriages; post decree issues; paternity and more.

There are many family law firms.  We believe there are none with the expertise, experience, passion for caring, and recognition by the business and legal community of Gutterman Griffiths.


Recent accolades and special distinctions for Gutterman Griffiths Family Law.


We can bring the right resources to assist in matters both complex and simple.


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